Hi! I’m Sarah Harkey, a design professional specializing in art direction and backgrounds for animation. Some of my recent work includes the role of  Art Director for “BoJack Horseman” and Episodic Art Director for “Tuca and Bertie”. I also have extensive experience as a Background Supervisor for several series’. My journey through animation has led me to work on amazing projects for companies including Netflix, Disney, Fox, Comedy Central, and more. I’m passionate about team building, team management, collaboration, and all around having a great time with my teams!

I’m currently living in Northridge, CA with my husband, our dog, and our 4 cats. I love to stay active with hiking and scuba diving, but I also like to chill out with reading, playing video games, or bingeing a TV series. I also stay involved with volunteer work for various animal advocacy groups. My participation in those has led me to do everything from walking dogs, to cleaning lion cages, to holding down seals and sea lions for medication, and more. Volunteering can be an adventure!